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If you're a college girl trying hard to make it in LA, consider a job as a stripper. Anaheim is where you will find Imperial Showgirls at 2640 W. Woodland Drive. We are part of the Healthy Strip Clubs family of nightclubs. Girls who dance at our clubs are protected and respected.

When you were a kid, Disneyland was the most fun and exciting adventure in town. Back in the day, you were right. Now that you've attained adulthood, nightlife possibilities are more varied than you may have imagined. Imperial Showgirls is a local nightclub that far outshines the rest, as far as class and late hours are concerned. Maybe you've been to other after hours venues.

Maybe you didn't like them so much. Perhaps they were even somewhat sleazy. If you prefer a classier environment and a clean, beautiful, healthy stripper Anaheim, come to Imperial Showgirls and see the most beautiful stripper Anaheim. Bring your same-day sports ticket stub to 2640 W. Woodland Drive in Anaheim, and get in for free! That's right. Everyone who shows up with a same-day sporting event ticket stub gets in free. Our usual admission prices are $11 before 6:30PM and $16 after then. Please observe the one non-alcoholic drink minimum.

If you're a beautiful young thing who has the right stuff to pull off a fantastic pole dance, come in any night and ask to speak with a Director. A lot of pretty young women make a great living as a stripper Anaheim in Orange County. Not every female is cut out for the job, physically or emotionally. If you can give a great shoulder rub, even better. Sensuous shoulder rubs are one of the perks Imperial Showgirls offer our gentlemen guests. If you've got a bitchen' bod and a feel for showbiz, drop by Imperial Showgirls some night and speak with a Director.

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Imperial Showgirls


2640 W Woodland Dr Anaheim, CA 92801