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At Imperial Showgirls, you will find all the things you like about a totally nude strip club. Orange County has a lot of clubs, but few of them offer complete nudity and private lap dance suites. Due to the laws, an all nude nightclub cannot serve alcohol, but we serve virtually everything else.

When you're ready for a completely adult experience, come on down to Imperial Showgirls-- the number one all nude strip club Orange County. There's nowhere else in SoCal quite like it. We're a member of the Healthy Strip Clubs family of nightclubs. All of the girls who dance at our clubs are safe, clean and healthy. We make certain of that. If you're a beautiful young woman who has what it takes to pull off a fantastic pole dance, come in any night and ask to speak with a Director. A lot of pretty women make a great living as an exotic dancer in Orange County. If you can give an excellent shoulder rub, even better. Sensuous shoulder rubs are one of the things Imperial Showgirls offer our gentlemen guests.

If you're bold enough to do private lap dances in a one-on-one VIP suite, you can make even more money as a dancer at Imperial Showgirl strip club. Orange County is a great place to live, but the cost of living here is above the national average. A skilled dancer with a fun personality can earn a very good living dancing at our nightclub. Girls who dance at our clubs are protected and respected. Anaheim is where you will find Imperial Showgirls at 2640 W. Woodland Drive. If you've got a rockin' bod and a feel for showbiz, drop by Imperial Showgirls some night and ask to speak with a Director. Enjoy a friendly conversation about the pros and cons of stripping. Strip Club Orange County

Imperial Showgirls


2640 W Woodland Dr Anaheim, CA 92801